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Keg greener.
The traditional way I was taught to green a keg: 
-take a tap and put a penny over the beer outlet. 
-Remove the check valve, and put about 3ft of 3/8 vinyl on the gas inlet. 
-Put a quick coupler at the end of the gas inlet hose (male+hose and female+pump). 
-Tap the keg with the pump uncoupled to let off the pressure (praying that the keg didn't get agitated the last time you moved it).  
-Fill a syringe with 20ml of green food color, squirt it into the hose, then attach the pump and force the color into the top of the keg with air pressure. 
At this point if you untap the coupler with the pump still on the hose you have a green keg, but full strength dye splashes out of the well, and runs down the side of the keg.  It is a big mess in the warehouse with floor drains, rubber gloves up to your elbows, an apron, and a garden hose.  It is an unbelievable mess in a retailer's cooler.
With this contraption, I should be able to squirt the color into the short hose in the last pic, then attach it to the Ozark-1 which is tapped onto the keg (I liked your name suggestion Neil).  If I run the pump, the beer should just flush the color from the spear into the the top of the keg.  It should be mess-free when I untap it and ready for the next keg.  It self-cleans with beer.  Pump is driven by a cordless drill.  Parts, not including coupler, set me back about $30 at Home Depot